Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personal information;
With the exception of approaches to us, this through the contact page, where we ask for name, last name, email this with the message you have sent to us; in order to provide better service or attention.

We use cookies but do not collect information and it instantly deletes itself.

Stats based on available public information from search engines if any one of the following ones is available or all and from bookmarks: We may collect information from that access if available such as Type of Device if a mobile, pc or other, Browser type, location, ip address, the visits frequency, size of data transfers, Date Time of visits and how long the visits last.

As well Once you are on the pages and content you visit, information you click, for example articles on and keywords search.

This is analized from time to time for security enchance, site performance or improvments to create a secure effectiveness and comfortable website environment and promote its use or favoritism and whenever neccesary for prevention, security measures, failures fix and enchancment .

Under revision 10/22/2018